Evelina's Patisserie reviewed on themossyhill.com

Local artist and blogger, Em – whose work is featured in various cafes in and around Muswell Hill – has blogged about her experience of visiting Evelina’s Patisserie when we first opened.


Our favourite bits are:

“I popped in yesterday to check it out and was welcomed by a super friendly chap behind the counter, who offered me a bunch of samples – macaroons, red velvet cake, carrot cake… and more, including a delicious Gluten Free something.”

“The taste of the samples made buying a whole piece of sweet treat essential and I went ahead and ordered a Flat White and pistachio macaroon.”

“I watched as this same guy welcomed various customers enthusiastically and brilliantly.”

“I was later offered a beautiful pavlova style treat, which was amazing, and I felt very happy sat on their bench seats for a little while – it was quiet and relaxed.”

You can read the full review over on themossyhill.com. Thanks for the lovely comments Em!